About PRIEST Tactical


Precision Response for Immediate Emergency Stabilization and Treatment

Here at PRIEST Tactical, we are proud to offer something for everyone, no matter where your level of experience is. It doesn't matter if you have been doing this for years, or if you've never done anything like this before. Our skilled instructors will take you through every step of the process, and give you the confidence in yourself that you will need to face a dangerous or hostile situation. Taking the skills learned from military trauma medicine and civilian EMS, we have created an intense, multi-faceted training experience that teaches the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and adapted them to fit a multitude of real world scenarios. We can customize any course to fit your specific needs, based on your skill and desired level of training. Also, we are proud to offer mobile training services in which we pack up our equipment and our people and we meet you where you are! Now I won't lie. It isn't a cake walk. You will be challenged and your intestinal fortitude will be tested.
  You will train hard, and in doing so, you will gain a confidence that you have never known. You will know you are ready to make a difference. So let us know what you need, and we will work with you to make it happen! Don't let uncertainty or fear stop you from getting some of the best tactical and medical training available!

PRIEST Tactical Areas of Study

  • Hemorrhage control (Still an overwhelming cause of death)
  • Managing chest trauma
  • Basic airway management
  • Preventing and treating shock
  • CASEVAC (casualty evacuation)

Tactical Lifesaver Courses

When EMS can’t be there, and SECONDS count, will you be ready? If you are ready to learn lifesaving skills with real world applications, let PRIEST Tactical train you.

PRIEST presents people with a truly unique experience that not only offers tactical firearms training, but will also have you moving through multiple scenarios and engaging multiple “threats", all while treating casualties under tactical conditions.

PRIEST’s training model teaches you the SCORPION SYSTEM to care for a casualty or even multiple casualties in a tactical, hostile, or unsafe environment, and is designed to incorporate the concepts and techniques of the Army’s TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) training program with modifications to address the needs of civilians and law enforcement agencies and private corporate entities.

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